Polaris Education Foundation is a comprehensive and highly successful program that empowers young people from low-income families to adjust to elementary to high school campus life and achieve college readiness and success. The organization was founded in California in 2022 by six graduates from elite schools; professionals who understood that the gap in low-income student achievement is not one of intelligence, but resources. Polaris Education Foundation has developed a successful program incorporating tutoring, mentoring, and enrichment experiences that prepare students for bright futures.

Through comprehensive mentoring and academic programs, PEF provides students with a culture of excellence and rigorous performance standards. PEF raises students’ expectations, broadens their dreams, and provides them with a toolkit for future success.

Polaris Education Foundation received a 23/24 Community Arts Grant to support a new arts exhibit, open to all youth in Rancho Cucamonga, called Harmony of Hearts.  The Harmony of Hearts Young Art Exhibition provides a platform for K-12 students to showcase their artistic talents and foster inclusivity by inviting students of all abilities, including those with special needs, to participate and be recognized for their artistic expressions. All art forms of art are supported, such as painting, sculpture, photography, and more. The exhibit this year was on display for approximately two weeks for the public to view at Central Park Community Center. On April 20th, the now juried youth artwork was exhibited at the Rancho Cucamonga Arts Festival, where Polaris Education Foundation awarded prizes to several local students for their winning entries into its annual art exhibition. 

For more information about the programs offered by Polaris Education Foundation, including next year’s Harmony of Hearts Young Art Exhibition, visit their website. 

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