In January 2020, the Board of Directors met to brainstorm ideas for an updated Strategic Plan to guide the Foundation’s efforts and evaluate current practices and activities.  The Board established the following areas of importance in developing a three-year strategic plan to “enrich our community by supporting, expanding and advancing arts and cultural opportunities.”  Initial plans for these focus areas were developed at the Strategic Planning Workshop, and will continue to be further developed and defined over the following months.

Important Note:  With the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic in early Spring 2020, many of the goals and ambitions expressed in this strategic plan have had to be delayed, and may possibly be reconsidered for the immediate future, until arts events and community gatherings can be safely resumed.

Provide Generous and Strategic Arts Support Funding for and within our Community

As it has over the past 15 years, the Foundation will continue to support the following efforts:

  • Support & Sponsor performing arts programs produced and presented at the Lewis Family Playhouse at the Victoria Gardens Cultural Center including establishing affordable access programs to Live Theatre Performances for K-12 Students & Families
  • Provide School-Based Arts Program Grants & Sponsorships
  • Sponsor Art Exhibits presenting Local Artists’ work
  • Present Scholarships to High School Arts Students
  • Provide Annual Recognition of Arts Donors & Sponsors

New 3-Year Goals include:

  • Establish a Grant Program for local organizations, schools or individuals to create new arts programs & events within and for the community.
  • Secure a dedicated physical space for the development & presentation of community-based arts and arts programs, and a home base for the Foundation. 

Establish greater Identity & Visibility within the Community

As the only non-profit organization in Rancho Cucamonga that now exclusively funds and promotes local arts programs, events, and experiences the Foundation will focus on establishing a strong presence in the community to ultimately become known to all residents as the primary organization committed to supporting, strengthening and expanding arts opportunities for all.

  • To establish a strong presence in the community as a trusted and consistent source of information for arts funding, arts promotion, arts awareness and resources. 
  • Expand marketing efforts and create an informative, up-to-date, and engaging website to share our story, promote arts throughout the community and enlist support; as well as to establish a strong presence through social media outlets.
  • Become a clearinghouse for local arts awareness & information via the RCCAAF website, social media and email communication.

Maintain Financial Efficiency & Accountability

The financial stability and accountability of our non-profit is not only important to us, but carries the responsibility to meet the expectations of our donors and the public, as well.  The Foundation Board and Executive Director carefully and consistently monitor all revenues and expenses throughout the year and all expenses and revenues are evaluated in three categories:  Arts Support (our Mission), Operating Costs, and Fundraising Efforts.  Currently Operating Costs are already minimal and would be difficult to reduce further, therefore increasing revenues would allow for greater support for the arts without reducing operating costs.  To this end, the Foundation has adopted the following goals to maintain and improve financial stability to support our mission.

  • To achieve a desirable financial balance, the Foundation will focus on reducing overall fundraising expenses and increasing overall revenues in order to provide more arts support, which shall bring the percentages to 75% Arts Support, 15% Operating Costs and 10% Fundraising Expenses *
  • Diversify investment funds for greater financial return.
  • Continue to cultivate new and existing donors to increase donor support, thereby increasing potential for greater arts support by the Foundation
  • Seek fundraising opportunities that have a low cost to implement resulting in a higher fundraising potential

*Note: These are the recommended Performance Metrics identified for most non-profits for charitable strength and sustainability, as designated by Charity Navigator.

Conduct Effective Fundraising Efforts

The Foundation has consistently raised hundreds of thousands of dollars annually through fundraising efforts, including an annual Golf Tournament, Monte Carlo Casino Night and benefit performances at the Lewis Family Playhouse, as well as other small events like Bunco Nights, Tea Parties, Quakes games, and online giving campaigns.  All fundraising efforts are initiated, planned and conducted by the Board Members assisted by the Executive Director and largely supported by local businesses and private donors who sponsor, donate goods, and attend events.  

  • The Foundation will continue to plan and execute a variety of fundraisers each year with a goal to raise $100,000 annually
  • Monte Carlo Casino Night will be targeted as the Foundation’s annual major event with the potential to double capacity and fundraising potential
  • Each Board Member will host or conduct one event (large or small) to expand the circle of donors and friends, as well as increase funds
  • Evaluate all fundraisers to ensure a ratio of low percentage of cost hosting the fundraiser verses a high percentage of funds raised

Create and Establish Community Partnerships

Over the past decade, the Foundation has developed many wonderful business and community partners to help us further our mission.   These relationships not only help us secure our fundraising goals but also help broaden our presence, create new alliances to support the arts, and provide greater exposure for the Foundation and its mission.   The Board will:

  • Continue their ongoing efforts to create new arts partners and community supporters
  • Join the Rancho Cucamonga Chamber of Commerce to increase visibility and networking opportunities, and;
  • Seek new opportunities to connect with local businesses, service clubs, and non-profit organizations to share our mission